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Athens, Greece

Engagement, Wedding

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"It's not about what it looks like but how does it feels like"


Konstantinos and Agathi, this amazing couple, wanted to have a photoshoot after their wedding day in the beautiful Cycladic island, Naxos! We moved to the beach starting the engagement photoshoot full of fun and emotion! Just before the golden hour, as we were playing with waves and water, my attention attracted from this giant rock were the sun was hitting and the colours were amazing! I asked the couple to move there for a portrait and despite the difficult and dangerous way that we had to pass away until we reach it, they agreed and seemed to like the challenge!

Captured at Naxos island Greece, in of its beautiful beaches!


An environmental portrait of Giannis & Marias after wedding session in Château Kaniaris, Megara, Greece.
"Zoi" (in Greek "Life"), the horse, was staring on them as we were all talking about couples honeymoon trip in New York! Drama and physical romance makes that picture stand out with in a unique and authentic way!


"Before the storm"
A moody picture of Giannis and Maria after their wedding ceremony, just before a great storm! The photo taken at Château Kaniaris in Megara, Greece about 1/2km distance from the couple, as they were watching the dark clouds coming closer and closer!

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